Is Tellurian Going Out Of Business?

Is Tellurian going out of business? In the energy sector, the fortunes of companies can rise and fall like the tide. One company that has been in the spotlight lately is Tellurian Inc. – a noteworthy player in the natural gas sector. With its ambitious projects and strategic business moves, Tellurian has caught the attention of many.

However, recent challenges, including financial setbacks and market fluctuations, have raised concerns about its sustainability. Is Tellurian going out of business, really?

At first glance, the withdrawal of a $1 billion high-yield bond sale and the ongoing financial struggles paint a picture of uncertainty. However, it doesn’t look like Tellurian is going out of business.

What Kind of Company is Tellurian?

Tellurian Inc. is a natural gas company based in Houston, Texas. The company was founded in 2016 by Charif Souki and Martin Houston. The company emerged in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector with ambitious goals, aiming to undercut competitors by 15 to 20 percent.

Its entry into the public market in 2017 was marked by strategic steps, including a merger with petroleum company Magellan. This strategic move, coupled with significant investments, including a 23 percent stake acquisition by French oil giant Total for $207 million, signaled Tellurian’s intent to be a major player in the industry.

Tellurian’s flagship project, the Driftwood LNG facility, shows its commitment to innovation in the natural gas sector. Located in Louisiana, this project is designed to produce 27.6 million tonnes of LNG annually for export, attracting major partners like Total, Vitol, and India’s Petronet.

The project is estimated to cost $30 billion, showing how prominent Tellurian is in the global energy market. However, the journey hasn’t been smooth. Delays in construction, fluctuating fuel prices, geopolitical tensions, and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have all played a role in the challenges Tellurian faces today.

Is Tellurian Going Out of Business?

Is Tellurian Going Out of Business?

Well, looking closely at everything happening at Tellurian right now, it doesn’t look like the company is going out of business. There has not been any official statement from the management of the company to show whether they will be closing their doors soon.

However, considering the question more critically, one will understand how complex it can be. The question of whether Tellurian is going out of business is not one you can answer with a straightforward answer.

On one hand, the company faces significant challenges, including the withdrawal of a major bond sale and the uncertain future of the Driftwood LNG project. On the other hand, as of the third quarter’s end, Tellurian has shown resilience with $210.8 million in cash and carried no debt, indicating a level of financial stability.

But right now, there is no official statement to confirm that the company is at the brink of closing down. But you need to know that the recent events happening has made Tellurian a high-risk yet potentially high-reward investment for any investor.

Is Tellurian Presently Facing Financial Challenges?

Tellurian’s financial status is indeed a topic of intense interest. While the company reported having a significant cash reserve, its recent financial performance indicates troubling signs. The larger net loss in the second quarter of 2023 compared to the prior quarter, coupled with a decline in production, points to financial challenges.

This decline was attributed to lower natural gas prices, affecting the company’s earnings. Additionally, Tellurian’s production in the Haynesville Shale also saw a decrease, and that has also further compounded its financial challenges.

What is the Status of Driftwood LNG?

The Driftwood LNG project, which is at the heart of Tellurian’s operations and future prospects, has also faced its share of ups and downs. While construction activities continue, with notable progress in infrastructure development, the project’s overall future remains uncertain.

As of mid-2023, Bechtel, the construction partner, has made significant headway, laying the groundwork for the project’s first phase. However, the company has also requested an extension from the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency (FERC) to 2029 for the project completion, which could indicate potential delays.

Driftwood, once operational, could initially produce about 11 million tonnes per year, expanding to 27.6 million tonnes. The project’s success is vital to Tellurian’s future, but challenges in financing and market conditions have created hurdles.

Recent Challenges and Lawsuits

Tellurian’s journey has not been smooth, with various challenges and a high-profile lawsuit marring its progress. The company faced delays in Driftwood’s construction, declining fuel prices, geopolitical tensions, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These factors led to a significant drop in the company’s stock price and necessitated a 40 percent staff reduction in 2020. Moreover, legal disputes, such as the lawsuit involving Carl Icahn, Cheniere, and allegations of misused loans and stolen project plans, have cast a shadow over the company.

Although the lawsuit was dismissed before trial in 2020, these legal battles reflect the tumultuous journey Tellurian has endured. All these have come together to create concerns in the minds of people concerning the company. So it’s understandable when people started asking, ‘Is Tellurian going out of business?’

Why is the Price of Natural Gas Going Down?

The declining price of natural gas is a critical factor influencing the energy market and directly impacting companies like Tellurian Inc. This decline can be attributed to a combination of global and domestic factors, each contributing to the current market dynamics. Let’s take a quick look at some of these factors.

Advances in drilling technology, particularly in shale gas production, have led to a significant increase in natural gas production, especially in the United States. This surge in production has outpaced the growth in demand, leading to an oversupply situation.

For companies like Tellurian, which are heavily invested in LNG projects such as Driftwood, this oversupply poses a challenge, as it puts downward pressure on prices and can potentially impact the profitability of their operations.

  •  Fluctuating Global Demand

Global demand for natural gas is another critical factor influencing prices. The demand for natural gas tends to fluctuate based on various factors, including economic growth, weather patterns, and energy policy shifts in key consuming countries.

For instance, warmer winters can lead to reduced demand for heating, thereby decreasing natural gas consumption. Similarly, economic downturns can lead to lower industrial activity, subsequently reducing the demand for natural gas.

  •  Geopolitical Tensions and Trade Dynamics

Political instability in key natural gas-producing regions, trade disputes, and changes in import-export policies can disrupt supply chains and affect prices. For instance, trade tensions between major economies can lead to tariffs or restrictions on natural gas imports or exports, impacting the global supply-demand balance.

Such geopolitical factors can create uncertainty in the market, affecting companies like Tellurian that rely on stable international trade relations for the export of LNG.

  • Impact of Renewable Energy Sources

The increasing adoption of renewable energy sources is another factor that is greatly contributing to the declining prices of natural gas. As countries and corporations commit to reducing their carbon footprint, there is a growing shift towards renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

This shift is gradually reducing dependence on fossil fuels, including natural gas, resulting to a long-term decrease in demand.

Why is Tellurian Stock Down?

Tellurian’s stock has indeed seen a downturn, primarily due to the challenges and uncertainties surrounding its flagship Driftwood LNG project and the overall financial health of the company.

The withdrawal of the bond sale, coupled with the mixed financial performance and the broader market dynamics, has led to a lack of investor confidence. And since the number of people who still have trust in the company is dropping, there has also been a decline in stock value.

Is Tellurian Going Out of Business – Final Note

To bring this to a close, you should remember that there is no official statement yet confirming that Tellurian is going out of business. , while the company faces significant challenges and uncertainties, it is not that easy to tell if it will be shutting down its doors soon without definite proof.

The company’s future hinges on whether it will be able to navigate its present financial hurdles and market volatility and successfully complete its Driftwood LNG project.

However, as of the time of writing this post, Tellurian is not going out of business!


Who Owns Driftwood LNG?

Driftwood LNG is owned by Tellurian Inc. It’s a large-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) production and export terminal project being developed on the west bank of the Calcasieu River, Louisiana. As a key project of Tellurian, Driftwood LNG represents a significant part of the company’s strategic plan in the natural gas sector.

When Did Tellurian Go Public?

Tellurian Inc. went public on February 10, 2017. This move came after Tellurian Investments, founded on February 23, 2016, by Charif Souki and Martin Houston, merged with Magellan Petroleum. Following this merger, the company was listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “TELL.”

When Will Driftwood LNG Be Completed?

The completion date for Driftwood LNG has been a moving target due to various factors, including financing challenges and market conditions. As of the latest reports, Tellurian aims to commence production at Driftwood LNG by 2027.

However, the company has also requested an extension to 2029 from FERC, which could indicate a buffer for potential delays or a phased completion strategy.

Who is the CEO of Tellurian?

Octávio Simões is the President and CEO of Tellurian Inc. With his leadership, Tellurian continues to navigate the complexities of the natural gas market and the development of its key projects, including Driftwood LNG.

How Many Employees Does Tellurian Have?

The number of employees at Tellurian has fluctuated over the years, particularly in response to market conditions and company restructuring. But as of 2019, when the company released a report in this regard, Tellurian had 176 employees.

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