Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich Discontinued 2023?

If you are a loyal customer of Popeyes, then chances are that one of your favorite menus would be the Popeyes fish sandwich. But recently, many people have noticed they no longer can enjoy this tasty flavored sandwich and so are asking, ‘Why is Popeyes fish sandwich discontinued?’

You can’t blame them; for those whose hearts beat for that crispy, flavorful sandwich from one of the most cherished fast-food chains, this is indeed a crucial inquiry.

So, in this post, we will talk about everything you need to know about your beloved fish sandwich, hence helping you have an answer to the question, ‘Is Popeyes fish sandwich discontinued?’

A Quick Look at the Popeyes Fish Sandwich

Founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Popeyes has been a beloved destination for those on the hunt for fast food that doesn’t skimp on authentic, bold flavors. Since it was created, the fast food chain has served its beloved customers with many tasty menus that made them favorite eating from their dishes.

However, one hero menu that has stood out from the Popeyes offerings is its fish sandwich. The Popeyes Fish Sandwich, with its mouth-watering tastes and textures, quickly swam into the hearts of many upon its introduction.

However, 2022 brought us a twist in the tale. The sandwich faced a sudden discontinuation, leaving fans with lingering questions and rumbling stomachs.

Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich Discontinued?

Indeed, it was a moment of sheer culinary heartbreak when Popeyes decided to withdraw the fish sandwich from its menu temporarily in 2022. This sandwich is not just a mere meal but an experience. It had forged its way into our lunch plans and evening snacks with remarkable finesse.

“Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich discontinued?” you ask. Yes, it was, but before you lose your appetite completely, there is a twist to the story.

The saga of the Popeyes Fish Sandwich didn’t end in sorrow. After leaving a gap in our culinary hearts, the beloved flounder sandwich made a triumphant return in 2023, although for a limited time. It wooed us over with two tempting variants – Classic and Spicy.

Each of these offerings promises a delectable adventure crafted from a fried flounder filet, marinated meticulously in Louisiana herbs and spices. It was a time of great sigh in the minds of the sandwich lovers when the flounder fish sandwich made its way back to the menu early this year.

Why Was the Fish Sandwich Discontinued?

Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich Discontinued 2023

Trying to figure out the reasons behind the discontinuation will surely lead us down a path that intertwines various factors like sales, ingredient sourcing, and environmental considerations.

The pandemic saw a shift towards home-cooked meals, where people had to make their fish sandwiches at home instead of ordering one at a restaurant. This adversely affected the sales of our favorite sandwich, making Popeyes consider halting it altogether.

Apart from that, sourcing the ingredients for this sandwich posed a significant challenge, impacting its availability and, consequently, its consistent taste. All these are the reasons Popeyes fish sandwich discontinued.

The Flounder Fish Sandwich Made Its Way Back in 2023

Fans exhaled a breath they didn’t realize they were holding when Popeyes brought back the Flounder Fish Sandwich in 2023. This was not merely a menu item; it was a return of an experience, an opportunity to dive back into the distinctive flavors that had been missed.

This comeback came with a resounding celebration among Popeyes customers. The flounder filet, marinated and spiced to perfection, made its way back into the limelight. The special menu made a comeback to the list of Popeyes menus during the Lent period in February 2023.

It was perfect to return to the scene as its presence during Lent catered splendidly to those observing the fast, offering a delicious alternative to meat.

Why is Popeyes Fish Sandwich So Special?

It’s no secret that the Popeyes Fish Sandwich has been causing quite a stir since its introduction. Lines have been out the door, and social media has been buzzing with rave reviews. But what is it that makes this fish sandwich stand head and fins above the rest? Let’s quickly talk about that.

1. Fresh and Wholesome Ingredients

When you take that first bite of a Popeyes Fish Sandwich, you’re not just tasting a fast-food item; you’re indulging in a carefully crafted medley of the freshest ingredients. Popeyes has never compromised on quality.

The fish fillets, for instance, are sourced from trusted suppliers and go through a rigorous selection process to ensure only the best make it to your plate. When it comes to fish sandwiches, freshness is a game-changer, and Popeyes brings it every time.

2. A Perfect Blend of Flavors

Every bite of the Popeyes Fish Sandwich gives a taste out of this world. The fish, seasoned to perfection, harmonizes beautifully with the accompanying ingredients. This isn’t just a random combination of flavors thrown together; it’s a thoughtfully orchestrated blend.

3. The Secret Sauce

Behind every great sandwich, there’s often a standout sauce, and Popeyes’ Fish Sandwich is no exception. This isn’t just any regular sauce – it’s the secret sauce. It’s a beautiful blend of creamy and tangy elements, carefully crafted to elevate the sandwich’s overall flavor profile.

4. Customization Options

The brilliance of the Popeyes Fish Sandwich doesn’t just stop at its standard offerings. Recognizing the diverse palates of its customers, Popeyes offers a range of customization options.

Fancy a bit of crunch? Throw in some dill pickles. Craving some melt-in-the-mouth goodness? Add a slice of American cheese. With Popeyes, you’re not just getting a fish sandwich; you’re getting your fish sandwich.

How Much is Popeyes Fish Sandwich?

The tasty, crunchy fish sandwich is priced at $5.99 in some locations. And you can trust that this level of affordability has always been one of its charming aspects.

However, prices might vary slightly depending on your location. And you can enjoy special promotions, such as a Valentine’s Day deal, which allows you to get a free sandwich with a combo purchase via the app.

Did Popeyes Ever Sell Catfish?

Well, not many people know this; Popeyes’ menu has never been solely poultry-centric. Alongside its renowned chicken, Popeyes has a variety of seafood offerings, including shrimp and yes, catfish!

While chicken has always been the star of the show, these aquatic offerings provided a delightful variation for those seeking something different, yet equally scrumptious, from their trusted fast-food chain.

What Type of Fish Does Popeyes Use?

That’s the flounder! A species known for its mild flavor and flaky texture provides the perfect canvas for Popeyes to work its culinary magic. Introduced in 2021, the Flounder Fish Sandwich showcased a fillet marinated lovingly in Louisiana-inspired herbs and spices.

This choice of fish, enveloped in a toasted brioche bun, became not merely a sandwich but an immersive culinary experience every time you have a bite at Popeyes fish sandwich.

Is Popeyes Fish Sandwich Discontinued In 2023?

Well, we believe you already know that the sandwich had to be temporarily taken out of the menu in 2022. Many people indeed felt its absence. But in 2023, specifically in February, Popeyes brought back the Flounder fish sandwich for its customers to enjoy during the Lent fast.

And after a while, it was rolled away again. So, is this special menu coming back to the table? No one can say specifically. However, the recent discontinuation and comeback shows that the menu still has a place on the list of Popeyes and could be brought back any time they think.

Customers’ demand for has been high for the sandwich, and we believe Popeyes will because of that rethink its decision to discontinue it soon.

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